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10 Resources for Kids – How to Program & Code

March 28, 2016 by in category Blog tagged as , , , , , , , , , ,

Isn’t it amazing to see a baby or a toddler handle a tablet or a smart phone? They know how technology works. Kids absorb information so fast, languages (spoken or coded) can be learned in a matter of months. Recently there has been a surge of articles and studies emerging about teaching kids to code. […]

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Reasons Why Water Conservation is Important

March 22, 2016 by in category Blog tagged as , ,

For the sake of your family and the survival of our future generations, explore these reasons why conserving water is important to you. 1. Without fresh water you will die in just a few days.  Plain and simple, no sugar coating, it is a simple morbid fact that helps drive the point across, water equals life.  […]

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12 games that teach kids to code — and are even fun, too

March 21, 2016 by in category Blog tagged as , , , , , , , ,

Even if your kids don’t go on to code for living, a basic understanding of programming concepts improves problem-solving and thinking skills which are both transferable and empowering. Getting kids to code shouldn’t be hard work when there are so many great games about. There are plenty of games around that will teach the basics of programming in […]

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These Games Will Make Your Kid Smarter

March 14, 2016 by in category Blog tagged as , , , , , , , ,

These following games are a lock for the honor roll. If you want smarter kids, get them smarter game apps like these.   1. DragonBox Algebra 5+ Your 5-year-old may think he’s just matching pictures of fish, bugs, and other beasties so he can feed a hungry dragon, but he’s really learning the fundamentals of algebra. […]

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Robotics Arms Which Can Play Drum Like A Pro

March 8, 2016 by in category Blog tagged as , , , , , ,

Wearable robotic limb that allows drummers to play their kit with three arms has been invented by U.S.-based researchers. The two-foot long ‘smart arm’ can be attached to a musician’s shoulder and was invented by researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology, overseen by Professor Gil Weinberg. An inventor of various experimental musical instruments, Weinberg said […]

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Gamification Of Education

March 7, 2016 by in category Blog, TECHNOLOGY

The idea of using game based ideas in the learning environment or gamification continues to gain momentum with teachers…but more importantly with students. Let’s not mistake “using games in the learning environment” with “gamifying the learning”. They are two different approaches to using technology within the classroom. Gamification is using the ideas that are found […]

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