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First Bacteria-Powered Solar Panels To Produce Clean Energy

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Scientists from Binghamton University have created bacteria-powered solar panels that can produce clean energy which is breakthrough in energy studies that offers great potential for a long-term, reliable power source in remote areas. In the Test, Cyanobacteria were used as a clean and sustainable source of energy. These bacteria are found in many aquatic and terrestrial […]

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5 coolest High-Tech Toys & Gadgets Designed for kids

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Here We have  5 gadgets that provide a new form of interaction for the younger generation. Some of them are created to help your child pick up a new programming language, others, essential problem-solving skills. How do you find such tech toys which are inspiring and educational, and fun enough to keep yourself coming back to it? We have just […]

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5 Apps To Help Students Study Better

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Today, thanks to new technology, student life is much easier as there are hundreds of apps for students that help you cope with everyday tasks. Thus, when using them, students can focus more on their studies. Learning is only a part of technology, which have many benefits for students, including better safety, better health and better communication. Here […]

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Ultrathin Solar Cells Are Light Enough to Sit On a Soap Bubble

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Imagine a solar cell to be so thin, that they can be placed on any material or surface, even our cap, paper, shirt or smartphone. MIT researchers have created solar cells which are  thinnest , lightest ever – yet they can produce about 400 times more power than the standard photovoltaic cells. These Solar cells, technically […]

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