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Chintu: Robot created by MIT Pune Students to assist senior citizens

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Imagine a senior citizen assistant, who can help with both routine tasks, like reminding them to take their medicine on time, to being there for a casual conversation when they get lonely. If they are really bored, the assistant could entertain them by dancing to ‘Gangnam Style’, or perhaps replicate Shahrukh Khan’s signature moves if […]

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This IIT-Bombay graduate has helped 119500 children cook using solar energy

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The development of viable means of cooking has seen an incredible evolution over centuries, and continues to evolve even today. While the use of oil resources has provided more viable and convenient means of preparing meals, the relevance of solar cooking is increasing at a time when oil resources are depleting. According to the World […]

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Mysuru Students Design Smart Streetlights That Cut Energy Consumption by Half!

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While travelling late in the nights, five students from an engineering college in Mysuru came up with the idea of designing a streetlight system that would help save energy, and also aid the state government, which finds it difficult to ensure adequate power supply for streetlights that consume nearly 50% of the city’s electricity supply. […]

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