3 Robots You Can Make At Home

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If you reading this blog piece, we are sure you love robotics. To be honest, who doesn’t love Robots, especially if they can do all our work and save us from the bullies? :-)  (pun intended)

You might have seen this viral video where a robot solves a Rubik’s puzzle in seconds!

Let’s start our journey with the most basic of the robots, some of you may even have tried it out at home or school-  It’s called the  Soda Can Robot!

Source: www.toysrus.com

Source: www.toysrus.com















Well this is a kit that you can buy online as well, it consists of a soda can, and a kit along with a few accessories, all of which can be integrated with the help of written instructions and AA and AAA batteries.

Now you can create a robot that does fun things and can also boast of recycling and conservation.

Second, The DFRobotShop Rover V2Arduino Compatible Tracked Robot (Basic Kit) is a versatile mobile robot tank based on the popular Arduino Uno USB Microcontroller Rev 3 microcontroller.


Source: http://www.robotshop.com/















The rover uses a twin motor gearbox and the Tamiya track and wheel set. The PCB incorporates a standard Arduino Uno, L293B motor driver, voltage regulator and prototyping area. The onboard voltage regulator allows the entire board to be powered using as little as 3.7V to ~9V.

And lastly, there is the 4-in-one-robots-for-kids-and-adults.

Source: www.amazon.com

Source: www.amazon.com
















The Brain Crunch smart machines kit is fully loaded, with infra-red remote and a motor coupled with full-color instruction booklets. It takes a little while to assemble and create a motorised vehicle , but the time spent is matched by the fun you have assembling and the end result.

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