MindBox content design process is built from the ground up to take your learning goals and transform them into engaging learning experiences. We understand that your needs are a blend of engagement with real efficacy and impact, and our content team will be your constant advocate for a great learning experience for students.

Our User Experience Artists are responsible for designing the look and feel of each project, serving as the technical liaison between programmers and the illustration team. MindBox has a deep commitment to student’s engagement in each project, and the Content team members are constantly iterating towards usability, clarity and quality in all Students interactions.

Our experts draw on a thorough understanding of instructor needs to design a wide variety of custom-built assessments to match specific curriculum, content, and educational standards ensures that your assessments will be targeted and authentically useful instructor tools to evaluate and assess each student

Whether your school has pre-existing Technology curriculum or needs curriculum developed from scratch, MindBox’s subject matter specialists have you covered. With experience implementing both traditional and progressive curriculum practices,  MindBox content team will integrate your project’s content seamlessly into a curriculum that matches your exact goals. Our in-house Experts work closely with the development team, for creating project that engages and enhances the Learning Curve of each student.

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