Teenage Girls Develop Solar Powered Tent

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We are always told to help the poor and needy by giving money or by donating in an NGO. But through charity we cannot find a permanent solution to their problem. To make a difference in the society there needs to be some kind of invention. 12 teenage girls have created a solar powered tent […]

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How Digital Art Is An Integral Part Of Course Curriculum

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We see pictures everywhere. Be it memes on social media, ads in the newspapers, huge billboards on malls or even attractive posters when we open our emails: we are surrounded and influenced by the pictures around us. The digital revolution has changed the landscape of the art industry. The demand for illustrators and designers who […]

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How To Promote Creativity In The Classroom

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Creativity is no longer seen as just being for artists and musicians (not that that view was ever accurate). It’s a crucial skill for everybody to master. Following are some of the ways through which creativity can be bought in classrooms. Embrace creativity as part of learning: Creativity has to be adopted as a part […]

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Meet The Most Nimble-fingered Robot Yet

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Dive into the future, where we’d probably have flying cars or shoes with boosters or every person with a personal robot to assist. That isn’t much far. Our upcoming generation would definitely witness all of this. We? Well the scientists have worked enough to showcase what has been in everybody’s mind for years and overcome […]

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How To Use Visual Story Telling In Classrooms

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90% of all information transmitted to our brains is visual. People remember 80% of what they see and 20% of what they read. Everybody loves stories. Don’t we? Whether we’re reading it or its narrated by someone else. Both has its own creativity and fun. What they have in common is, they are created and presented […]

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Why Should You Teach Children To Code

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“Coding is the new literacy”. To thrive in tomorrow’s society, young people must learn to design, create and express themselves with digital technologies.   Why is it so vital that we teach our children to code? Computational Thinking Fosters Problem-Solving Skills. Research backs up the benefits of coding for kids especially in the classroom. Kids […]

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Meet the youngest coding teacher and founder

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Krish Samtani, a young boy of 14, was born in a town called Secaucus in New Jersey, USA, where he spent 8 years of his life. The family moved to Bengaluru thereafter, which was a different experience for this little boy, but he didn’t drift away from what he loves to do. He kept his […]

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Why robotics should be taught in schools

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Gradually, the way of teaching, interest of students and curriculum in classrooms is changing. Teachers are also focusing on project based methods of teaching, which is interesting. No more boring lecture classes? Ugh, not exactly. Rather than just reading books and solving equations, children can actually experience practical experiments and technology. Which can help in […]

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Learning Tech Trends You Should Know About

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The digital space is bigger than ever. Nowadays, half of our lives happen on the Internet. Social media networks, information, and all the time spent online is making us evolve, some would say. In fact, most of listed trends listed are the result of changes in technnology. Gamified learning is becoming more prominent, and geo-location […]

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NASA to fly first spacecraft to the sun next year

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Sun, the closest star to the earth, will finally meet the closest visitor ever. After so many debates, the first craft to fly to the nearest to the sun, will be launched, as quoted by NASA. They have finally announced their first mission to fly directly into the sun’s atmosphere. Would various Questions about the […]

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