Class 11th Student’s Invention Is Helping Visually Impaired People Read Books


Gursimran Singh, a class 11 student of the Amity International School in Gurugram, has made a device that will enable visually impaired people to read. To date, his device has helped approximately 150 people with visual impairment.

The device, named EyeScribe, is a wearable piece of technology that facilitates reading and comprehension by dictating the text and allowing the user to create a mental picture of the subject. It uses the concept of binaural beats, artificial sounds caused by specific physical stimuli which prompt a response from the brain.

The EyeScribe is Smartphone-compatible and can be translated into different languages. It’s set to open up a whole new world a visually impaired person.


How does it works?

The device has two main functions –

It has a camera attached with spectacles that takes pictures of the text that they want to read.

All the processing happens in a micro-processive platform called Raspberry pie. The image goes under an optical character recognition (OCR) software. Then, the text is extracted and converted into audio with the help of a text-to-speech .