Cloud Computing and Future Of Education

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In a recent article published in HPC Asia , it has been contemplated that cloud computing has the potential to wipe out schools by 2025! That is indeed a big statement to make, considering that education format has seen very little change across the history of mankind. Education has mostly been teacher led and education businesses survive by disseminating education in a one – to – many- system at a defined place and time.

We all know that cloud computing has clear benefits. It allows organisations including educational institutions to cut cost by shifting IT infrastructure from on premise to cloud, save on the cost of upgrades and manpower training/recruitment, increases accessibility of information and enabling collaboration and on-demand consumption along with customised dissemination of information.

The future of education is dependent upon all the above attributes (which are also direct benefits from cloud based eco-system). And hence it is also clear that gadgets or devices like are not the game changers.

The gadgets will keep evolving, but they themselves cannot change or disrupt education. The future of education lies in the following 5 important aspects:

  • Access (multi-platform, multi-format cheap, Inclusive)
  • Collaboration (interaction, sharing)
  • On-demand
  • Personalisation
  • Democratization & Monetisation

Let’s understand the impact and importance of each of the above:

  • Access– No need to invest in copies, pens and books. Basic digital content free for all. Cheap tools available Multi-platform availability implies that courses can be consumed over mobile phones among other devices. Education can be consumed not necessarily from schools, but from anywhere. There is a cost of internet here, but as all of us are witnessing now that access to internet especially for critical services or education has a potential to become very cheap in future or maybe free. In fact, there is a strong possibility of public private participation to create a Edu-Cloud which may have internet and basic infrastructure subsidised
  • Collaboration– Children can collaborate with peers across the world and can work on group projects in a collaborative way. Collaboration can also bring about richness in curriculum. Imagine having access to a global library of work in various format created by both teachers and students. Like a Wikipedia, the course content gets up-to-date. A leader board can benchmark course content, teachers and students and with a little bit of gamification the entire concept becomes addictive as well. A major challenge in geography and social studies for example is the study of maps, people, culture, festivals, flora and fauna- with collaboration and interaction the learning experience becomes better and learning itself becomes enduring.
  • On-Demand– Children can opt for a live session or a recorded session, they can consume sessions at the time of the day they want. Because of this attribute, there will be no resistance or reason for students of any income group, village or urban areas to not consume their required curriculum. Not just classes, even exams can be on-demand. Students need to pass exams to get promoted, however they can take exams in less than 1 year or more than 1 year, depending upon their convenience and confidence.
  • Personalisation– Students can be of any age-group or may follow any language, cloud can personalize the access by way of tools and capabilities inherent into it. Students can choose to consume more videos, or more audio, simple text or a hybrid.
  • Democratisation– We all know that countries like India face a serious challenge of not having enough quality teachers as well as not enough linkage with professional skill-sets required and education institutions. Cloud will enable experts to start their own classes. Cloud will enable students to rate the teachers. Cloud will enable teachers to monetise their classes. Now thousands of teachers from across the country can start earning more and start creating their reputation, while children of all walks of life will have a choice and voice for education

Cloud may or may not wipe out schools in future, but it is surely going to make a very efficient and integrated education system that imbibes the above traits. The future of education looks very exciting indeed

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