MindBox Offers Range of Challenging & Rewarding Careers

If you are looking for an opportunity to be part of holistic development of a child and If you are (or want to be) a passionate educator working in Creative Education areas such as Animation, Graphics, Design or Robotics and has proficiency over industry standard tools & technology, we are looking for young, energetic and enthusiastic people to deliver our Vision of Building Creative Thinking by Empowering Students to Improve THEIR Lives.

We are looking for following positions across the Country:

Job Title  : Sr. Content CuratorDivision  : MindBox, Noida (India)

Job Description:

The role of a Content Curator at MindBox involves documentation of educational project content developed by Designers/SMEs. The Content Curator converts a design thinking based academic project into a lesson plan for the Teachers, and a presentation for the Students. With MindBox’s proprietary LMS, this documentation is then delivered to the Teachers who use it for teaching its unique programs at various K12 Schools in India. In a Content Curator job, you need skills in both Writing and Desktop Publishing. You will work closely with Project Researchers and Digital Designers to define and deliver objectives & requirements of a project. Attention to detail, strong communication, and decision making when flagging a particular part of the lesson is very important to this process.

You will be required to coordinate and collaborate with a team, however your role will have an independent position within the team. At MindBox, we use industry standard documentation software and processes for Instructor led training (ILT) systems.

Required Key Skills:

Communication, Content Writing, Documentation, Technical Writing, Lesson Planning, Research, Pedagogy, Instructional Design, Teaching, Curriculum Development, Creative Writing

Required Qualifications:

  • Undergraduate Diploma or Bachelors in any stream with English as a medium
  • 2 years or more experience in content development at an education organization
  • Experience of working with standard desktop publishing software
  • Excellent leadership, communication, project management, and organizational skills

Job Title  : Faculty / Teacher, Division  : MindBox

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Facilitate and conduct trainings based on given content, knowledge and pedagogical practices. (refer to Programs on www.mindbox.in)
  • Diligently follow and implement MindBox policies, programs, and operations.
  • Apply ethical and professional training practices in the classroom.
  • Counsel students as they learn and grow.
  • Provide expert advice about the content, processes and techniques to students and teachers.
  • Supervise and train assistant teachers / lab assistants.
  • Encourage students to apply their knowledge, and practice newer and improved methods of creation.
  • Build healthy relations with School staff and parent community
  • Take active part and to support any event happening in your area of work at school.
  • Learn new tools, technology, and adapt to new environments of work.
  • Ensure smooth and accurate delivery of the MindBox programs at School by following the Maximus based system of delivery.
  • Ensure timely and unbiased assessment of students.
  • Effectively manage and integrate the resources available at the School.

Required Key Skills:

  • Good Communication Skills – English, local language
  • Teamwork, Positive Attitude, Creative Thinking, Discipline, Handling Young Students
  • Subject matter expertise in any of following: ICT, Animation, Graphic Design, Game Design, Robotics, etc.
  • Software skills in Corel Draw, Autodesk Maya, Unity, MS Office, C# / JavaScript, will be an advantage

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