How Technology Is Changing Everyones Role

“Robots are going to take my job!”


Have you heard that around the office lately? As organizations digitize, many employees are concerned that technology will eliminate their jobs. While these concerns are understandable, don’t panic. These concerns don’t separate automation from “augmentation”—or innovations that create new markets and new opportunities, but will still require humans to be successful. In reality, digitization means that some jobs will become obsolete, but other jobs will be created, and far more jobs will evolve.

For most of the people today, the more important concern should be how technology is changing work and the skills they will need to be successful in the future. From a recent market research we analyzed that more than 30 million job descriptions posted by all company functions and business lines between 2012 and 2016 that asked for technology-specific skills and experience.


Technology Is Important to Everyone – Not Just IT

Technology and data are critical to the operations of nearly all corporate functions, customer channels, products, and services. Many people assume that the growing importance of technology mainly affects the IT function.

The rise of digital marketing, products delivered online, and the growing use of the cloud outside IT displays that how technology is changing everyone’s role.