Learning Tech Trends You Should Know About

The digital space is bigger than ever. Nowadays, half of our lives happen on the Internet. Social media networks, information, and all the time spent online is making us evolve, some would say.


In fact, most of listed trends listed are the result of changes in technnology. Gamified learning is becoming more prominent, and geo-location techniques are on the rise. They actually have a greater impact on instructional design than one would initially think.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important learning tech trends we’ll be seeing in 2017 and beyond:


• Game-based learning : Gamification is not a new concept, yet it is becoming even more popular than it was a few years ago. According to the eLearning Guild, learners had 14% higher skill-based knowledge level, 11% higher factual-knowledge level, and 9% higher retention rate, as per a meta-analysis of the instructional effectiveness of computer-based simulation games. Gamification is a learning strategy offering interactive experiences that actively engage and motivate learners in the learning process.

• Augmented reality: Augmented reality—merging the real environment with virtual information in real-time—is becoming easier to achieve. Simple online tools can help digital learning teams create highly engaging and interactive experiences for their users easily and at very little cost. It consists of virtually taking learners into another dimension of knowledge.

• Location-based Learning: All mobile devices have in-built Global Positioning System (GPS) and this enables location-based learning. Mobile learning delivers granular information to the learner and further personalizes it based on the learners’ location. It’s an upcoming trend that seems to have potential in the mobile learning world.

• Video-based Learning: Integration of multimedia in education started long time back but no one knew that video will serve education in this big manner. If an image is worth a 1000 words, then every video is worth a 10,000 words. Videos are great tools to facilitate product or process learning.


According to a recent survey of 2,500 educators, 60% of teachers expect to use more technology in the classroom than in the past this current school year. Three out of four say they use some sort of technology each day in class, with as many as 80% reporting that technology is a positive in the classroom.