Meet the youngest coding teacher and founder

Krish Samtani, a young boy of 14, was born in a town called Secaucus in New Jersey, USA, where he spent 8 years of his life. The family moved to Bengaluru thereafter, which was a different experience for this little boy, but he didn’t drift away from what he loves to do. He kept his ship sailing, even in a different city by grabbing the opportunities he got there.


He used to enjoy fiddling with sections of code, since young age and almost spent time doing this, even in his spare time. However, he had no practical exposure to the real world applications and wonders of coding, though he wanted to. And its no surprise where he stands now because, he was truly determined and had started taking coding lessons from grade 7, and learned programming languages such as Python and Java. Which is obviously one of the most important computer languages these days. He wished to share his learning with his generation and therefore started 0 gravity. His first step towards his dream.


They collaborated with CoderDojo, a premier global community-driven coding club network. It is based on the CoderDojo framework, where volunteer professionals teach children in office labs, with a variety of fun hands-on activities. They made their first move by creating a website, in which they published their goals and ideas. This took about three months to get off the road His initiative 0Gravity took off-a free coding club for kids aged 10 to 14, with a system of volunteers, host IT company, and mentors from the industry in place.

After the first community-driven course in Bangalore, next destination was Chennai. With an eye on making coding more popular and fun, the ‘0Gravity’ coding club for school-goers was launched on February 25. Every four children will be assigned to one mentor, during this three-month course, to be held every Saturday. This will simply make the children to take baby steps in the world of HTML, website design, CSS, and more

The club will simply educate children from age group between 10-14 in computer coding.

0 Gravity’ currently has a three-month course with 2 hours every week, where students between ages 10 and 15 , where they can learn enough programming to be able to build their own websites.