Scientists From Bengaluru Will Now Grow Forests Using Drones

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In an attempt to increase the forest cover in the state, a group of scientists from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, are using drones to disperse seeds on barren lands. Alarmed by how fast natural habitats and wildlife are disappearing, the nature lover was inspired to make a difference. The program was piloted […]

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Facebook AI Researchers Taught Bots To Understand Human Expressions

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Facebook is teaching robots to appear more human-like. The company’s AI lab has developed a bot that can analyze the facial expressions of the person it’s interacting with, and adjust its own appropriately. Yes, Facebook doesn’t just want its AI-trained bots to know how humans speak—it wants them to understand our faces, too. In a newly published paper, the company’s AI […]

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How Can Game Designing Do Wonders For Your Children!

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Usually, when children are seen playing games on their computers, iPhones or tablets it shows the detrimental impact on children’s life. Parents hold an opinion that it’s merely a time consuming yet time wasting kind of activity. Every spin of the coin, however, comes with two facets. Here, if playing games online leave a child […]

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Now You Can Build Your Own Functioning Robot In Minutes

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As robots become increasingly common across different parts of our world, they remain incredibly difficult to make. From designing, modeling to fabricating and testing, the process is slow and too costly: even one small change takes a lot of time to rethink and revising important hardware. But what if there was a way to let […]

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Creativity In Education Is As Important As Literacy

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Creativity is a big deal in the 21st-century classroom.  Creativity does not just happen; it needs to be cultivated, and the cultivation of creativity in every kid starts from the classroom. Learning how to be more creative (and thus adaptable) – now that’s what prepares students for life beyond the classroom. Creativity should not be […]

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How Cloud Computing Will Change The Face Of Education

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It is time to revamp the old style of teaching and learning! Teaching is no longer confined to the four walls of the school or to the limited capabilities of the teachers. Boring classroom sessions are giving way to exciting technological phenomena that enable better learning and improved capacities in children. There is no doubt […]

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Kiwi Kids Aim To Break The World Coding Record

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As computer education is spreading and making computer programs becoming an essential skill for students, there have been various initiatives to push students into the same. However, now children have taken the responsibility upon themselves to promote the art of computer coding. School children all over New Zealand on 15th August were a part of […]

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Media Design And Its Importance In School Curriculum

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In a world where children can’t live without taking a selfie or using Snapchat filters, it is almost undeniable that kids today are more inquisitive than ever about learning more and more about photography. In such an age it becomes vital to teach children the art of digital photography.   So, what is the use […]

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