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How Can Game Designing Do Wonders For Your Children!

September 9, 2017 by in category Blog, TECHNOLOGY tagged as , , , , , , , ,

Usually, when children are seen playing games on their computers, iPhones or tablets it shows the detrimental impact on children’s life. Parents hold an opinion that it’s merely a time consuming yet time wasting kind of activity. Every spin of the coin, however, comes with two facets. Here, if playing games online leave a child […]

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Teenage Video Game Designer wins BAFTA for puzzler

August 1, 2016 by in category Blog tagged as , , , , , ,

A teenager has won a BAFTA for a video game he designed and built in his bedroom. Daniel Smith, 17, spent two and a half years, on and off, creating Spectrum. Spectrum was created by Daniel Smith, and challenges players to manipulate colors and gravity to escape a labyrinth. Players learn the game’s dark secrets as they […]

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