All programs at MindBox are designed and executed using a unique Objective Oriented Teaching approach that ensures the student achieves goals using their own creativity and the logic learned through the training.

MindBox takes pride in the wide range of programs and the learning experiences we offer. Our goal is to help students realize that technology is not only a vehicle for learning, but also for creating and bringing imaginative ideas to life.

MindBox curriculum team works hard to develop programs that don’t just park students in front of a computer all week. MindBox programs are objective-based, some programs even blend sports and technology, while others are focused on building physical projects (and not just digital ones – Robotics).

To provide the widest range of educational opportunities possible, MindBox presents an array of advanced milestone programs that are designed to raise student skills to the next level of achievement.

Program Curriculum & Content

The programs developed by MindBox are focused on Digital aspect of each area looking at today’s world where students are growing in a Digital World around them. All programs at MindBox are designed and executed using a unique Objective-Oriented Teaching approach that ensures the student achieves goals using their own creativity and the logic learned through the teaching.

At MindBox, we believe in teaching Workflows and not just the Tools. Hence our programs have unique Projects and Assignments that help the students not just create an artwork but also learn the technical process. During each stage of a program, students work on making a Project based on STEAM based concepts. Each session has a definite Goal to achieve at the end of the lesson.


Each lesson plan is prepared to structure the learning for the students and delivery for the faculty. Each lesson conducted inside the MCDL will have a slideshow based on the lesson contents to help students keep a visual track of the lesson flow. Also, the faculties will be equipped with reference documents for each lesson to ensure accurate and definite delivery of all objectives in each lesson. At the end of the lesson, students will be required to fill worksheets based on the learnings from the lesson.

Certified MindBox Faculty

The cornerstone of any teaching, a faculty needs to be well educated and prepared for the creative subject to develop interest and generate desired output from the students. Our Faculty are not only well trained to handle technical subjects & young classrooms, but also reinforced with supplementary documents and material to make the lesson delivery accurate.

MindBox prepares its faculty through an intensive Faculty Development Program (FDP) that focuses on developing inter-personal, technical, presentation, and teaching skills with the help of education experts.

Cloud Based Back End System – Maximus 

Maximus is the tool which helps MindBox to realize its vision to be trusted partner for schools in the field of Creative Education. Maximus serve as an exclusive online window for the MindBox Students and Client Schools .It facilitates support for:

  • Student/School Registration
  • Batch Schedule Management
  • Student Attendance Tracking
  • Batch Assignment Management
  • Online Student Feedback Management
  • Online Student Helpdesk
  • Program Certification Management
  • Online Sharing of Reference Material

Through Maximus learning delivery for all the running batches is tracked centrally, it also allows continuous connect of MindBox students with their teacher/mentor. To sum up Maximus is the backbone for Zero Defect operations at MindBox.

Assessment Support

With such multimedia labs based programs, Students will definitely improve on skills like Critical Thinking, Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Decision Making, Effective Communication and Interpersonal Relationships that cover many of those skills. The acquisition of these Skills shall help students to be able to meet various life situations more competitively and with more maturity. When there is little pressure, creativity blooms and students will perform to their potentials.

MindBox will provide support on assessment of students on Co-Scholastic Areas of Creative Skills, Art Education, Work Education, Scientific Skills and Visual Arts through Formative & Summative Assessments done during the creative programs conducted under MindBox Creativity Labs.

MindBox provides a continuous and comprehensive assessment of each student on each of its program based on following areas:

  1. Discipline
  2. Creative Skills
  3. Technical Skills
  4. Project

Under each area of assessment, specific parameters are defined to ensure the result of the assessment are comprehensive. Each parameter has indicators that describe the results in words.

Four-Way Assessment Model

MindBox uses a unique Four-Way-Assessment model that captures feedback about the whole MindBox program, its content, and the faculty in a comprehensive way. Each stage of this Four-Way-Assessment model is crucial in providing us details about the areas of improvement and areas of strength. Each feedback is taken multiple times in an academic year to ensure continuous evolution of the program.

  1. Student Feedback
  2. Peer Feedback
  3. School Feedback
  4. Faculty Self-Assessment

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