School Testimonials

“At Shiv Nadar School I thought MindBox have done a wonderful job. Our IT curriculum is not a standalone curriculum which are just a group of activities. Infact it is actually woven very skillfully into the system.

For example:

In MindBox we are doing Animation, Graphic Design and students are doing very seriously all the way from Grade 6 to Grade 9.

At the end there would be capstone project in which standards that are benchmark are set for students enhancement.

While student are enjoying themselves simultaneously they are learning 21st century skills, responsibilities, authorities and this is how they would change the world they want to be in.”

Ms Leena Aparajit |   Executive Director : Shiv Nadar School

Anuvrat Vidhyalaya (CBSE) Sr. Sec. School, Kalanipakkam, was the first school in Vellore district to introduce ARK Infosolutions MindBox courses for classes from 1 to 10, in the academic year 2015-16. Various courses, such as Visual Storytelling for std 1 & 2, Mechatronics Design I for std-3, Media Design (Photo) for std-4, Communication Design for std-5,6,7 & Interactive Media Design II for std-8,9,10 respectively, were instilled to our school students.

At the end of the academic Year, as head teacher of the school, I did witness, a paradigm shift in the thinking process and execution of learned contents in our school students. Despite being the fact that, our school is located in the rural locality out of Vellore town, our students’ education level has risen on par with the affluent, well exposed metro students.

Each course to specific age group had impacted learning outcome in traditional subjects like languages, arithmetic, science and social studies. To be specific, the handwriting of lower primary, upper primary level students have changed drastically, thanks to the dexterity exercises our students practiced by way of Clay modeling, handling toy tools of the robotic equipments, precise usage of computer mouse to achieve desired graphic or photo edition of the mindbox course.

The general reading ability of our students had improved, thanks to the intense workouts given to our students by way of Eye-muscle coordination practices while practicing Art2Graphics courses. The overall accuracy in following the instructions specific to learning has improved, may be just because of the conscious that, the joyous learning time will repeat only once a week. Hence, there was more speed and accuracy achieved in observation, assimilation and execution of learning commands of the specific course our students learnt.

I am happy to report that, our students (3 teams comprising 3 students each) from classes 8,9 & 10 had participated and presented their preparation of Video Game which was developed by them using UNITY platform, in GAMEJAM TITANS competition. It was an Himalayan exposure to our students who largely hail from suburb locations. During our school’s annual Science Exhibition day, those three video games were displayed for visited school students, guests, parents and fellow schoolmates to have hands on experience, and it was really enjoyed by all.

The general creativity of our students have improved due to the mindbox courses. Our students cultural talents have improved. Many kinesthetic students uncontrollable behaviour has been refined and they are now emerged as academic achievers.

On the whole, on behalf of Anuvrat Vidhyalaya teaching fraternity, I am happy to report to the people of ARK Infosolutions, who brought MindBox courses, to our school, that, our students are setting new trend in learning and enjoying their schooling. Their schooling with us is totally different from other schools and they crave for MindBox classes day.

May I greet wish unmatched success for your continuous efforts in transforming school education with future age socially useful productive digital works learning.


The Mann School experienced a wonderful time with MindBox solutions for a year. The School experimented gaming classes with MindBox for different age groups. The resource person was able to deliver the class efficiently and diligently which made the entire session quite alive and enjoyable. The students experienced really a knowledgeable hour with resource person and enhanced their vocational skills.

We wish our heartiest congratulations to MindBox.

Cdr. VK Banga |   Principal :  The Mann School  | Delhi

At the out set I must compliment the MindBox facilitator for engaging a heterogeneous group of students from grade 6 to grade 9 .All of them had a good time learning the gaming programs. The Gaming competition gave them a large exposure in terms of being creative, committed and dedicated. The challenges thrown to them during the learning process got them thinking collaborating and surely developed a team spirit.

It is  a great idea introducing such a concept at school level.

Ms Joyce Britto   |   Teacher : RBK International School | Mira Road

“MindBox-Evolving Education” the creative education training partner managed by ARK INFO SOLUTIONS has been conducting Robotics Club classes in our school from July 2014. I am impressed by the quality of work and the training given to our students by the team. Within this short period of 6 months they have succeeded to prepare our students even in interschool competitions and to win prizes.

Great work! MindBox Keep up!

Mrs Gracy Peter  |   Principal : Arwachin International School | New Delhi

“We are pleased and happy to inform you that the game development program organised by your organization was a grand success and many of our children have learnt a lot through this. We thank the resource people for being a great support.”

Mr. Kothandaraman  |   Senior Principal : The Velammal International School | Tamil Nadu, India

“This is to certify that the activity conducted by MindBox with regard to Coral Graphics, Robotics, Coral Paint, Game Development and Cubo was to the utmost satisfaction of the students. The resource person was able to deliver the task efficiently and sincerely. He trained our students for the VEX Robotics Championship & enabled them to bag the IIIrd position throughout India. The personalized training extended motivation & support to our students. The students had established a cordial and friendly attitude towards the resource person & hence the entire session was an enjoyable and informative one.”

Ms. Prem Latha  |   Principal : Vikas Bharati Public School | Sec-24, Rohini, New Delhi

Parent Testimonials

I must compliment the work done by the children in just six days. I was certainly amazed to see the animated reel created by my son. He is particularly excited for Robotics ,we may like to explore this further.

R.Dangwal  |   Parent of: Pranjal Dangwal/Class S2-H  | Modern School-New Delhi

I like the theme of Robotic workshop the most. My daughter is particularly interested in medicine hence she was really excited knowing use of Robotics in Medical Science. What’s more her team also won in the competition and got the trophy.

Mrs. Magazine  | Parent of:Sheen Magazine/Class S4-G  | Modern School-New Delhi

We have loved our ward learning and getting hands on experience on Robotics and Animation. This workshop had something new apart from studies, a kind of unique concept. After the workshop child could think of something innovative, Thank you for bringing Evolving Education concept to their school.

Gurmeet Singh Sangha  |   Parent of: Diljot Singh Sangha – Class VII C  | Sacred Heart School-Moga Punjab

It was amazing seeing my child creating objects in 3D,building and working with Robots . It was interesting, enjoyable and knowledgeable for them. Faculties bring out the concepts well and children got hands on experience on Robotics and Animation.

Kuldeep Kaur  |   Parent of: Inderpreet Kaur – Class Xth B  | Sacred Heart School-Moga Punjab

Student Testimonials

Animation and Robotics both workshops were best experience, the workshops were educative as well as enjoying. Faculties were helpful and ready to share their knowledge.

Would like to have another workshop at School.

Ritik Dua  |   9-A2 | Sacred Heart School-Moga Punjab

I would recommend MindBox workshops to a friend because these workshops were good and taught us new concepts. Building Robot and programming it was an amazing experience.

Facultys were very good, they explained the concept well and were ready to help.

Hardeep Singh Gill  |   8-A  | Sacred Heart School-Moga Punjab

The teachers were always with us and helped us a lot. I enjoyed every bit of robotic workshop like Building Robot, programming, team work, competition.

K.R.Sankeerth  |   IX-B – (Participant of Art2Robot-Autumn Workshop)  | Widia Poorna Prajna Public School

The competition were cool and challenging, I loved everything except the short training period. I would have loved if it has been for at least a week.

A.S.Mridu Sai Sharan  |   IX-B – (Participant of Art2Robot-Autumn Workshop)  | Widia Poorna Prajna Public School

The workshop was quite enjoyable and informative. Animation was liked by me the most. Building and programming Robot was a learning experience.

Shivam Sharma  |   IX-F – (Participant of Art2Robot&Art2Animation-Autumn Workshop)  | BCM Arya Senior Secondary Model School-Ludhiana

I enjoyed Robot competition and animating EVA project. Faculties were very helpful and knowledgeable. I love the creativity in building robot and animation.

Puneet Gupta  |   VIII-H – (Participant of Art2Robot&Art2Animation-Autumn Workshop)  | BCM Arya Senior Secondary Model School-Ludhiana

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