STREAM Education

Students learn how to apply the combined knowledge of interdisciplinary subjects: Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics for innovation.

Design Thinking

A process where students apply their classroom knowledge to solve real life challenges.

21st Century Skills

21st Century Skills are the skills that are used by individuals to function appropriately in the current generation. These skills help individuals to succeed in academics as well as other areas of life and empowers them to prosper in a changing world.

Technology Integration

Technology Integration engages students, enhances understanding, improves performance, boosts creativity & problem-solving skills and prepares them for the job of the future.


In today’s world - creation of new information, discoveries, inventions are taking place at a fast pace. To keep pace with these developments & advancements, our school curriculum will have to evolve, and the 21st-century learning methodology can act as a crucial bridge to this gap.

Understanding this need, MindBox has identified skills under “4 Cs” which students should ideally have, to be able to compete in the expanding global economy.

The 21st-century skills will allow students to function, learn and adapt throughout their life and go way beyond the common and traditional academic structure.

About Us

MindBox aims to build Functional Literacy in students and empowers them with the 21st Century skills. We use STREAM (Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) Framework as an interdisciplinary and experiential learning approach to teach Design and Creative Thinking as a Subject, Visual Communication (communicating with symbols and imagery) as a Language and Technology as a Tool.

Our objective is to prepare every student from Consumer to Creator, Problem Mindset to Solution Mindset and a Doing Mind to Thinking Mind and in the process, obtain their overall physical, social, emotional, moral and creative development.


Skill Development Framework

In today's world, the skills that are essential to do well and help in problem solving, decision making, and innovation are called 21st Century Skills. These skills are broadly categorised into four areas: Critical thinking, Creativity, Communication, and Collaboration. Let us understand how these skills play a part in the life of a 21st Century citizen:

Critical Thinking
Ways of Thinking

Creativity and Critical Thinking skills help your child to reach a solution by gaining in-depth understanding of the problem and finding different ways to solve it.

Ways of Working

Communication and Collaboration skills help your child to express ideas and to work in teams with varied kinds of individuals.

Media Literacy
Tools of Working

Technology tools, Information Literacy and Media Literacy are important to your child, as they provide him/her with the knowledge of how to assess, manage and use information accurately.

Information literacy
Technology tools

At MindBox we understand that the need of the hour is the 21st Century Skills. Through our Project and Design based learning approach, we create an environment for your child to learn and develop these 21st Century Skills.

To develop these skills effectively, we have mapped our program to match the age appropriate developmental stages of your child. We call this the Skill Development Framework.

The purpose of this framework is to observe, explore, identify, evaluate, and support the development of 21st Century Skills in your child based on the 'nascent, emerging, and developed' level of your child because we do not want to leave these developments to chance.


When the skill is first born, developed or displayed by the child


When the skill is developing continuously in the child through the application of the skill


When the skill is practiced further and the application of the skill becomes almost automatic

Holistic Learning Approach

Students learn how to apply the combined knowledge of interdisciplinary subjects - Science, Technology, Research, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics for innovation. It empowers students to put their knowledge to practical use to create useful things to make the world, a better place to live in. It enables students to become innovators, collaborators and problem-solvers.

PBL is a student-centred teaching method that involves a dynamic classroom approach where students acquire a deeper knowledge through active exploration of real-world challenges and problems. They unlock their creative potential, develop innovation, critical thinking and communication skills and apply their knowledge to solve complex problems.

Student Centric Learning is a method where focus of instruction shifts from teacher to student. Engages students into the learning process which is personalized, happens anytime and/or anywhere, they have ownership in their learning. What they learn, how they learn it and how their learning is assessed are all driven by each individual student.

Design Thinking is a process where students apply their knowledge to solve real life problems. They work together, understand the problem, think, design and develop a model to solve a given problem. In the process, they tap into their creativity, learn to empathize, collaborate, accept failures and develop a problem-solving mindset.

Through Project based Teaching Methodology, students relate the content learned in the classroom to their everyday life. They understand how the acquired knowledge can be applied for innovation & problem-solving. It encourages them to think & explore new ideas. The purpose of Project based teaching is to nurture skills in students which include critical thinking, creativity & communication.

Our Presence

More than 100000 students across India have been empowered with 21st century skills through our MindBox Programs. Our dedicated faculties are transforming students from Consumer to Creator, Creator to Creative and Problem Mindset to Solution Mindset through STREAM based Creative Education and Project Based Learning.








Delhi Public School Greater-Faridabad
Shiv Nadar School Gurugram Noida-Faridabad
KRM Public School-Chennai
SBOA Chennai
SRM Public School-Chennai
TVIS Bodhi Campus-Chennai
Edison G Agoram Memorial-Chidambaram
Riverside Public School-Kotagiri
The Vijay Millennium School-Tamil Nadu
Vel’s Vidhyalaya school – Kovilpatti
Camford English School- Chittoor
Excel Global School - Kanyakumari
KBJ Gurukulam MHSS - Chennai
Kamala Niketan Montessori School - Tiruchirappalli
Advaith International Academy - Hosur
Dr.Dasarathan International School - Coimbatore
Ambitus World School-Hyderabad
Phoenix Greens International School-Hyderabad
Billabong High International School-Mumbai
Gopi Birla Memorial School-Mumbai
Mount Litera School International-Mumbai
Podar International School-Powai
Sacred Heart School-Mumbai


Our partner schools have shared how our MindBox program helps them incorporate technology in their schools which sparks students’ curiosity and motivates them to explore, ideate and create.


Seshasai KVS, CEO, Kangaroo Kids Education


Narendra Prasad E, Founder & MD, Futuristic Edu Initiatives


At MindBox, we organise competitions like Design Championship and VEX Robotics. These competitions offer a platform to the students to take their classroom learning to the outside world. It inspires them to think out of the box, tap into their creative side and showcase their talent. We believe National and International level competitions help students develop competitive and innovative spirit.

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We want every child to be equipped with 21st century skills that will help him/her become a Creator, Thinker and Innovator. To achieve this, we have set out on a journey to empower students through our MindBox programs. We are focused on creating awareness of technology-based education and we do this through our Newsletters, Blogs and Social Media posts.

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Our Design and Project-based Learning enables students to learn smart use of technology from a young age. It gives them a platform to become better thinkers and enables them to bring their creative ideas to life. Watch the below videos where you will see how students learn, explore and create in the classroom.

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