Google soon to launch ‘Project Bloks’ toys to teach kids to code

Gone are the days when kids used to sit infront of computer and did coding. They had a real hard time memorizing the codes, commands, etc. Google is introducing a new and interactive coding environment for kids called Project Bloks.The coding experience for kid will colorful, fun, and will let them interact with the real world. Google gives a number of examples for what kind of toys can be made with Bloks, from the robot whose movement you can control, to a speaker you can program to play music, to a lab that lets you program connected sensors to activate other objects, like a real-world IFTTT.

The Project Bloks in not yet out, it is still in development for now. While other coding toys are avaible in the market but the Program Bloks will be more versatile then others.

Watch Project Bloks: